Monday, November 30, 2015

Draft NVPAC Minutes - November 25, 2015

NorthVan PAC General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 @ 7:00pm
Education Services Centre (ESC) 2121 Lonsdale

In attendance - Executive Members: ARRIVED 7:00pm
Amanda Nichol (chair), Heather Skuse (vice-chair), Jane Lagden Holborne (past chair), Debra Dennehy (registrar & BCCPAC), Karen Nordquist (program facilitator), Kulvir Mann (secretary),
Carol Sartor (communications) ARRIVED 7:25pm
Homa Sorooshi (treasurer) ARRIVED 7:45 pm 

APOLOGIES: Tanya Lahulek (member-at-large), Suzanne Till, (member-at-large)


Argyle:  Chris Klar
Blueridge:  ABSENT
Boundary:  Claire Arnold
Braemar:  Amanda Nichol
Brooksbank:  Chandra Junck
Canyon Heights:  Kulvir Mann
Capilano:  ABSENT
Carisbrooke:  ABSENT
Carson Graham:  ABSENT
Cleveland:  Katie Morgenstern
Cove Cliff:  ABSENT
Dorothy Lynas:  ABSENT
Eastview:  ABSENT
Handsworth:  ABSENT
Highlands:  Jason Krupa
Larson: ABSENT
Lynn Valley:  ABSENT
Lynnmour:  ABSENT
Montroyal:  Janet Carswell
Mountainside:  ABSENT
Norgate:  Michelle Montgomery
Queen Mary:  ABSENT
Queensbury:  Debra Dennehy
Ridgeway:  Ali Ritchie
Ross Road:  Colette Anderson
Seycove:  Birte Hunter
Seymour Heights:  Alison Anderson
Sherwood Park:  ABSENT
Sutherland:  Debra Dennehy
Upper Lynn:  Tony Haller
Westview:  ABSENT
Windsor:  ABSENT

Introductions of Special guests:
Maureen Stanger - District Principal for Distributed Learning,
Lucas King - District Vice Principal for Distributed Learning,
DL Teachers - Emily Taylor, Billy Lauzon, Loveleen Ahluwalia

1.  7:05 pm Call meeting to order

MOTION: To approve agenda as distributed. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY
MOTION:  To approve minutes from our last general meeting, October 28, 2015 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

2.  7:07 pm GUEST SPEAKER - Maureen Stanger, District Principal for Distributed Learning and team presented on DISTRIBUTED LEARNING
District Principal - Maureen Stanger
·         Distributed Learning and Choices Programs

Distributed Learning is an online virtual school – learning development – “Moodle” - There are 24 teachers and it has an 88% success rate

Meet our students – there is a wide range of students registered in the program

NVDLS Vision – Partnership – Flexible and Personalized Pathways

·         They have videos, chatting online, block codes, interative area, etc …
·         BC Ministry of Education approved
·         BC Certified Teachers
·         Continuous Entry – you can register anytime as it is self-paced – you finish when you are done

They have 3 different programs at Secondary Schools in NV/WV

1.   Sutherland – Social Explorers
2.   Seycove – Planning 10
3.   Mulgrave – Planning 10 – taught by a NV Teacher

Distributed Learning
·         The classes are taught for students in Grades 8 - 12 – before it was 10 – 12
·         They are starting a “Gifted Pilot Project”
·         Carisbrooke – has a program – grouping students for Math – diverse learners
·         It is personalized to meet the needs of individual students
·         Flexible – blended learning
·         Interact with teachers – for assessments and tests
·         There are Interactive Tools
              Blackboard /Links (Tutorial)
              Access – Cell Phones/Tablets/iPads
              Grades are updated faster

Teacher - Billy Lauzon - Life of Distributed Learning

2007 – IB School – West Van – Continued Education/Distributed Learning – 3 teachers
2008 – New Recruits – 8 Teachers
2009 – “Big Bang” – The DL Team – Lucas Center was closing
2011 – DL Relocation Project – Balmoral Site – Testing Room/Help Room (Tutorials)
2012 – Mountainside – “Home Sweet Home” – kids from every where registered in NVSD
2015 – Expansion – Time to Expand
·         Summer Sessions – Open 4 days a week for 7 weeks
·         12 months available – register anytime

·         online school in NVSD – goal is to keep students in NVSD
·         DL Centers – Meet the teachers – Main one is at Mountainside
·         6 Secondary Schools have the Distributed Learning Program

Quote by Marie Curie – Authentic Learning
“A scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician: he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales”

Online Scheduling Tool – can connect with other students
Orientation – 30 minute tour at Mountainside

Variation & Adaptation – “WILKI” – Personalization – Content
*** Refer to attached presentation for more details

Teacher – Emily Taylor – Satellite DL Centers

·         Embedded 15 DL Teachers – 2/3 per school
·         2 levels – Stars and Stairs
·         Stars – relationship building and support on site
·         Stairs – environment and misunderstandings
·         Blended DL in LAC – Choices and Mountainside

Teacher – Loveleen Ahluwalia

Unique blended programs and courses at NVDLS
1.   Sutherland Explorers 10 – Socials, PE, Outdoor Ed
2.   Experiential Outdoor Environmental Leadership 10 – Outdoor School and Online
3.   Seycove Planning 10 – Blended Cohort – Classroom and Online – Face to Face

Maureen Stanger and Lucas King

Course Expansion
·         IB, IDS, ACE-IT and Careers
·         DL Academy
·         Elementary Expansion
·         Continue to increase student engagement
·         Continued teacher development
·         Continue to improve program completion rates

Benefits of DL
·         Flexible, anytime, anywhere
·         Personalization - moving ahead or requiring more support
·         Frees up timetable for extra courses
·         Supports extra curricular, work, peak performance, academics
·         It is great for preparation for “Post Secondary”

School Tour on Website
·         Mountainside DL Centre
·         DL Schedule – 2 weeks period
·         DL Centre Schedule – each individual school
·         Test Center – Sign up when fits your schedule
·         Teacher Contacts
·         List of Courses

Students produce lessons as well – post projects
Video lessons – “go animate” program

Course Programming Event – DL Program is offered
No cost to NVSD – open house with Teachers

Nadya Rickard – Carisbrooke Elementary School
Teaches grade 7 students – enhancement program


1.   can you do both regular course and DL course – NO – you have to choose – you can finish regular course and then retake with DL if needed
2.   Delta School District – has a challenge course – Gifted/IB program
3.   DL is a self-paced program – busy times for registration are Sept/Jan
4.   Alternative Summer School – Summer DL – complete in 6 weeks
5.   Currently 5 – 10% students take DL Class – Planning 10 is most popular
6.   Costs – Adults – if you are a graduate - $550 / if not graduated then it is Free – there are 56 schools in BC offering Online Classes
7.   Program Completion – semester you can complete but not the whole year – there has to be communication with DL Centers to confirm tests

Guest Speaker - Destination Imagination BC – Joan Vyner
We are rescheduling this due to mix up with dates.

3.  8:45 pm Updates and questions from the floor/executive.

Amanda asked everyone in attendance to introduce themself and advise what school they were representing.

Communications – NVPAC
North Van PAC “NEW Website”
Carol spoke about the new website and asked for feedback from group

Amanda spoke about the hiring of a new superintendant – that NVPAC was asked to provide feedback and she was sending out an email via PAC Chairs to get parents to send feedback and she would compile it and forward to NVSD. The other groups that are also involved are NOVA, NVTA, CUPE and BCTF.

Emergency Preparedness Committee
Kulvir gave update to group – main topic was the “Power Outage” discussion and committee chairs were going to bring it to Policy Review Committee Meeting for Policy 307. She also spoke about school closures and how radio communication would be used in event of an emergency. Also, there was a discussion about emergency kits at each school – there will be a review of how kits are assembled and kept at each school.
·         NVSD uses a VOIP System and there are no generators
·         NSEMO – contact is Bernadette Woit
·         there is a binder kept at each school for admin – parents can request info regarding emergency procedures – this should be posted on school/PAC websites

Policy Review Meeting - Karen spoke about Student Safety and Privacy – will provide more details in January

4.  Red Cross registration for the District $300

Tony Haller – Upper Lynn Elementary requested NVPAC to pay the $300 fee and then all the schools could access the babysitting/first aid courses at a discounted rate. Carol and Amanda will look into this and follow up with Homa if it is in NVPAC Budget.

BCCPAC Conference and AGM is happening April 28-May 1, 2016 in Kelowna.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm

NEXT MEETING scheduled as a forum for questions on the new curriculum for 7:00pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at the Education Services Centre 2121 Lonsdale, North Vancouver, BC

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

REMINDER!!!  First NVPAC General Meeting of the 2015-2016 school year.  

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 28, 2015 7 pm at the Education Services Centre (2121 Lonsdale)
LIMITED parking is available in the underground garage, entrance of 21st St.  
Nearby transit stops are serviced by the 229, 230, 232, 241, 242, and N24 buses.

ALL PARENTS are welcome, not just DPAC reps.

DETAILED AGENDA and bios of our presenters are HERE on our MEETINGS PAGE

We will be finalizing our budget for the upcoming school year, and will receive updates on BCCPAC memberships.

We are honored to present our GUEST SPEAKERS, Petra Willemse, Bryan Hughes and some of their students (Anatolia Floe, Nash Jacoe, Spencer McCoach, Tylo Roberts, and Teva Zanker) from the Performance Learning Program who will be presenting

  "Leveraging Technology to Reach all Learners."

Presented by both a public school classroom teacher and a teacher librarian, presenters will share their pedagogy and methodology for using technology to meet the demands of the ever-shifting landscape that is education today.

By looking at examples of student projects, see how technology is being used in an inquiry and project-based learning environment to challenge all learners and create limitless learning opportunities.

Parents will leave with an understanding of how technology can be used in a meaningful way by educators to engage and empower students to take their learning to new heights.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015/2016 School Year is here!

NVPAC is excited to welcome new executives this year from our AGM elections in May:
Carol Sartor (Communictions) and Kulvir Mann (Member-at-large) come to us with an extensive history working on PAC executives and committees, most recently both have been involved in the Safe Routes Advocates.  Tanya Lahulek is also one of our newest executives and comes to us from Westview to fill a Member-at-large position.  We are still looking for a SECRETARY, please contact us if you or someone you know might be interested!

Executives continuing on this year include:
Amanda Nichol (Chair)
Heather Skuse (Vice-Chair)
Jane Lagden Holborne (Past Chair)
Homa Sorooshi (Treasurer)
Debra Dennehy (Registrar & BCCPAC rep)
Karen Nordqquist (Program Facilitator)
David Whitehead (Member-at-large)
Susanne Till (Member-at-large)

Our first GENERAL MEETING of the year has been schedule for WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 28, 2015 at the Education Services Centre at 7 pm.  Petra Willemse from Seycove's Performance Learning Program is presenting on TECHNOLOGY.  An exciting presentation with teachers and students on Leveraging Technology to Reach All Learners.

The NEW CURRICULUM continues to be a major topic of discussion and we are looking at ways to provide information and answer some of the questions parents may have.  Stay tuned and as we get more information or find links that offer reliable and useful information for parents, we will post them here.

We are also looking at updating our website and are hopeful that we will be able to launch it by the end of October.  Until then, we are compiling resources to help make it great.  Our new Communications Representative Carol Sartor is working away at an even more user-friendly version.

There are a number of upcoming dates in October that may be of interest:
The Carson Graham Family of Schools is presenting Sharon Selby on Emotional Resiliency on Wednesday October 7 at Queen Mary 7-830pm  More information can be found HERE:

For October at the School District, the Board of Education Standing Committee is happening on Tuesday October 13, 7 pm at the Education Services Centre and is open to the public.  The PUBLIC Board meeting is happening on Tuesday October 20, 7pm, also at the Education Services Centre

Of course Thanksgiving is Monday October 12 and there is a Province Wide non-instructional day planned for Friday October 23.

 Follow us on Twitter @NorthvanPAC

More to come,
Amanda Nichol
Chair, North Vancouver PAC

Friday, June 26, 2015

2014/15 Year At A Glance

The following is a list of some of the work undertaken by NVPAC on behalf of North Van parents during the 2014/15 school year:  

October 2014         Presented NVPAC Annual Report to Board of Education October 21      
                               NVPAC General Meeting October 22 2014
                               - Approval of 2013/14 Financial Statements and 2014/15 Budget
                               - Presenters:  Joanne Robertson and Kathleen Barter:
                                 Communicating Student Learning K - 12
                               Blog post: School Trustee Candidate Q & A responses
                               NVPAC General Meeting November 26 2014
                               - Presenters:  Carmen Farrell and Wendy Holtan, Friendship Groups;
                                 Cathy Jenkins, Conor McMullan, Cheakamus Centre;
                               - BCCPAC Fall Conference Nanaimo – Classroom Resources Funding

January 2015          NVPAC General Meeting January 28 2015
                                - Focus on safe and active travel to school - Presenters:  Harvey
                                  Kooner; ICBC, Tom Walker, North Shore Safety Council; Carol Sartor,
                                  Montroyal PAC
                                - Results of NVPAC 2014 Survey presented

February 2015        NVPAC General Meeting February 25 2015
                                -  Adopted changes to Policy # 103
                                -  Presenters:  Trustee Franci Stratton, Board Liaison to NVPAC;
                                   Tristan Crowther, Ilona Wardas, Janet Mclean, Windsor FOS, Topic:
                                   “Self-Regulation”; Kirsten Koppang Telford – ePact - Online
                                   Emergency Network

March 2015            Remarks on behalf of North Van parents to 25 Year Employee Reception
                               Presented NVPAC Budget Priorities to Standing Committee meeting
                               Hosted March Parent Education Event:   Christopher Burt - The Problem with Discipline

April 2015              Presented results of NVPAC 2014 Survey to Presidents Council            
                              Blog post: 2014 Parent Priority Survey Results
                              Assisted VCH to present Foods that Fit Workshop
                              Joint Advocacy Letter to Ministers of Finance and Education
                              - Advocating for adequate funding for public education in the 2015/16
                                provincial budget
                              NVPAC General Meeting April 22 2015
                              - Discussion of Parent-School Communication Processes

 May 2015             Attended the BCCPAC Spring Conference and Annual General Meeting;
                              additional Conference reports can be found here and here.
                              NVPAC Annual General Meeting

 June 2015            Joint Advocacy Letter to Minister of Education
                              -  Submission of 2015/16 Needs and Opportunity Budget
                              Conducted Annual Parent Perspective survey June 3 - 19