Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Final submissions to restructuring process

April 15th at noon is the deadline for final input into the District's discussions related to French Immersion all-day kindergarten, reorganization of Alternate Programs and the potential closures of Blueridge, Fromme, Plymouth and Seymour Heights. 
The Trustees are reading the submissions to and anyone who still wishes to provide input into the discussion should do so by that deadline.
Everyone deserves the chance to make a respectful case for their children and their schools. So, while the working group work is over, the process isn't and we can help make it a success by making any final submissions before the April 15th deadline.
To make their decisions on these matters the Trustees need to consider the pros and cons with regard to the financial impact, impact of the redistribution on children, impact on the long-term capital plans and many other factors. Public input provided in a way that looks to the future of the district and considers the impact on all the students, faculty and parents not just the ones at a single school will help them most to make their decisions.
Anyone wishing to offer final input should send it to the email address.