Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oct 2013 General Meeting Draft Meeting Minutes

NVPAC General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
7:00 pm Mountainview Room, ESC, 2121 Lonsdale Avenue

Chair:  Jane Lagden Holborne (Sutherland)
NVPAC Attendance: Jane Lagden Holborne, Karen Nordquist, Debra Dennehy, David Whitehead, Joanna Woronchak, Debrah Johnstone, Alex Best, Mike Sexsmith, Amanda Nichol
Attendance: 27
(DPAC Reps & PAC Chairs): 20
Guests:  Superintendent John Lewis, Trustee Franci Stratton, Trustee Cyndi Gerlach
Schools Represented:  Argyle, Boundary, Braemar, Canyon Heights, Cove Cliff, Handsworth, Larson, Lynn Valley, Montroyal, Mountainside, Queensbury, Ross Road, Seycove, Seymour Heights, Sutherland, Upper Lynn

1.   Welcome & Introductions:  Jane Lagden Holborne called the meeting to order at 7:08pm

2.   Approval of Minutes: Birte Hunter - Seycove , Seconded by Phoebe MacMillan - Seymour heights, moved that the minutes of the May 2013 Annual General Meeting minutes be accepted as written.  All in favour; carried.

3.   Ratification of NVPAC Executive Members for 2013/14: Caroline Ramsey, Seconded by Birte Hunter, moved to approve the 2013/14 North Van PAC executive roles and responsibilities as presented below and on All in favour, carried.

North Van PAC roles 2013/14
Chair: Jane Lagden-Holborne 
Vice-Chair: Karen Nordquist
Treasurer: Joanne Woronchak
Secretary: David Whitehead
Registrar: Debra Dennehy
Program Facilitator: Mike Sexsmith
Member at Large - Amanda Nichol
Member at Large - Deborah Johnstone
Member at Large - Alexandra Best
Member at Large - Outdoor School: Susanne Till
BCPAC Liason: Debra Dennehy

4.   Registrar/BCCPAC Matters – Debra Dennehy:
Reported 15 schools have provided NVPAC with up to date contact information with 17 still to come. Please send in your current information including DPAC reps, chair, vice and contact info and whether you are registered with BCCPAC.
9 PACs are currently registered with BCCPAC. Please pay your fees by Dec and NVPAC will reimburse. BCCPAC Fall leadership conference is Nov. 15-17 in Kelowna. Two parents have asked for NVPAC support to attend so far. More are welcome. Please contact our BCCPAC Liaison Debra Dennehy for more information

5.   Financial Matters:  Joanna Woronchak and Mike Sexsmith:
Mike Sexsmith presented the 2012/13 financials and apparently owes someone $7.50. With a successful increase in our safety grant utilization, speaker grant utilization and more North Van PAC events we were able to spend our budget last year and reduce our surplus!
Joanna Woronchak presented our proposed 2013/14 Budget. Changes for the year include a budget to replace the NVPAC accounting system, $1000 allocated for attendees to the BCCPAC conferences, continued support for the Family of Schools and Parent Speaker grants, BCCPAC membership reimbursement and the need for a new policy regarding ongoing support for the Safety Grant.

2012/13 Final Balance
Motion to Accept the 2012/13 financial statements as presented: Amanda Nichol, Seconded by Deb Dennehy , all in favour, carried.

2013/14 North Van PAC Budget 
Motion to accept the 2013/14 North Van PAC budget as presented: Alexandra Best, Seconded by Karen Nordquist, all in favour, carried.

6.   NVPAC Spring 2013 Survey Report – David Whitehead:  
David Whitehead presented the results of the Spring 2013 North Van PAC parent survey. The final report will be available shortly.

7.   Guest Speakers:  Superintendent John Lewis and Trustee Franci Stratton: Presented on District Priorities for 2013.

8.   Meeting adjourned at 9.18 pm.
Next Meeting:     November 27, 2013
7:00 pm
Education Services Centre,

2121 Lonsdale Avenue

Thursday, October 10, 2013

General Membership Meeting - Wednesday October 23, 2013

Please join us for NVPAC's first General Membership meeting on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at 7:00 pm in the Mountain View Room (5th Floor) of the Education Services Centre, 2121 Lonsdale Avenue.  Note the meeting night has changed to the third Wednesday of the month. 
Past Chair David Whitehead will present a report on the NVPAC's Spring 2013 Survey.
Guest speakers at the meeting will be Superintendent John Lewis, and Trustee and Board Chair Franci Stratton.  Mr Lewis will speak about the progress to date on the District's 3-year Plan, and Ms Stratton will speak about the Board of Education's goals for the year.
An agenda is attached, together with draft minutes (to be approved) of the May 23, 2013 General Membership meeting.
Parking is available in the underground garage, entrance off 21st Street.  If arriving on foot, please use the west entrance door to the lobby. 
We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Parents as Career Coaches

North Vancouver School District and the North Vancouver Parent Advisory Council are pleased to again sponsor the Parents as Career Coaches workshop, presented by Marion Haythorne of Capilano University.

Parents as Career Coaches is a two-session, five hour, interactive workshop designed to help parents of secondary school students become more effective career development allies for their children.  They are introduced to the concepts of coaching and given practical tools and research skills to help them as they coach their youth.

Dates:              Mondays, October 21 and 28, 2013

Time:               6:30 – 9:00 pm

Location:          Sutherland Secondary Theatre
                                  1860 Sutherland Avenue

Space is limited; please follow this link to RSVP:
Participants are advised to bring writing materials to the workshop.



Education and Programs Standing Committee Meeting Tuesday, October 8

Education and Programs Standing Committee Meeting
is taking place tonight (Tuesday, October 8) 4 pm
at the Education Services Centre (2121 Lonsdale)
in the Mountainview Room on the 5th Floor.

For an up to date listing off upcoming public meetings for the School Board please visit:

The agenda for this meeting: