Friday, January 21, 2011

Draft Minutes NVAPC General Meeting Nov 18, 2010

Guest Speaker: Darryl Davis from Wealthy School Revolution and Doug & Jewel Taylor, administrators for North Vancouver area.


Moved by: Joanne McKee/Sutherland; Susan Corcoran / NVPAC - approved

MINUTES for Oct21’10

Moved David Whitehead, seconded Jane Lagden Holborne - approved

BCCPAC report – Lisa and Caroline Ramsey Report Attached.

C&B NVPAC – Jane

  1. C&B on website is not valid as it wasn’t registered
  2. 1st revision to Exec by mid-December
  3. 2nd draft to General Meeting Jan/Feb’2011
  4. 3rd draft to all PACs
  5. Approval at AGM in May’2011
  6. Register

District Community Forum Report – Sandra Bridgman

  1. Not much notice
  2. Roundtable, facilitators
  3. Discussed Goals first then values
  4. We need to watch next steps from district: Nov23rd Towards the Future for Schools standing committee
  5. Survey November 10-16 went out through all schools (schoolsdirect emails) – possibly poor timing over the long weekend. Statements mostly motherhood and vague
  6. RECURRING THEME: perhaps the District is still not getting this right with respect to communication and informing parents.
  7. Community/connections – does this look like corporate involvement?? Some concern about this.
  8. Disposal of land, etc. – this got some parents attention…what does this mean…what does this look like? Range of opinion on selling land vs hanging on to all public assets.
  1. Advisory Board (Mike on this) representatives of BC Hydro, Cap U, Salmon Foundation, Squamish Nation, UBC, etc. – their job is to the stewards of the revitalization of the Outdoor School (ODS)
  2. ELC Environmental Learning Centre has been in the works for a few years now, ready to break ground Jan15’11 - $5-6 million new ELC building as heart and soul of the new campus. $20million long term project.
  3. The initial idea was for the School District to cash flow the first phase and then recoup the money by fundraising….but the advisory board said this was not the way to go – that the School District needed to ante up the investment in order to attract additional fundraising.
  4. motions were put forward to the Board to fully fund the first $5.8 million project and a fundraisng position/function to run the campaign for the ELC/ODS project and the overall District Giving Campaign.
  5. Has the potential to be a long-term income source in the future once its up and running. Between $250-400k annual operating deficit at this moment, particularly because of the maintenance of old facilities currently.
  6. Eliminate the deficit and create a profit centre
  7. See Mike for more information.


  1. Have PACs elected SPC reps now

Mike Sexsmith:

  1. Every PAC to make an annual plan, to review and measure results, report back, and those school results roll up to the District level for to the Superintendent
  2. last year’s plans are currently being consolidated and distilled.
  3. Bryn Roberts is responsible for the SPC Steering and will report to the Board.
  4. Family of Schools meetings will be held in January to look for opportunities for continuity and common themes in each area.
  5. Data will be feeding an action plan to be rolled out in January.
  6. Collection, review, and revision of data and plans is a continuing cycle….develop, modify, and change
  7. Final approval of plans in May and rolled up to District and to Province
  8. Confirmation to parent query that BCTF has told the teachers not to participate, so principals and VP’s generally spend time to get input from the teachers, but this is not done directly through the SPC. We have a good environment in NorthVan and we do end up getting good data/feedback from teachers.
  9. How do parents add more value to the process when the teachers have the professional expertise and credentials; parents are the customers….we have a valuable perspective that needs to be at the table.
  10. Make sure language of the school plan is understandable and meaningful.
  11. SPC Training schedule to be determined: principal/SPC training and Family of Schools Training – around February.
  12. Concern at provincial level discussed: parents felt they were just rubber stamping plans…you need to ask questions to make sure this doesn’t happen….the training sessions are important
  13. SPC’s have been in existence since 2002…
  14. School plans are online (ministry) back to inception

TREASURER’s REPORT – Jane Lagden Holborne

  1. We have received the $5,000
  2. Have paid 27 BCCPAC membership to date and another one is pending
  3. Grants still available:
  1. 4 speaker @ $150
  2. 17 Food Safe grants
  3. 5 Family of Schools grants $200
  4. Current balances: Gaming $983.48 Operating $18,872.40


  1. Constitution & Bylaws
  1. Eg. Lynn Valley – had 2 people running for the Chair; 50 people voted 25 each! C&B had a run-off election
  2. Can we collect a copy of all PAC C&B’s?
  3. Question about member conduct/code of ethics, Code of Conduct

Eg. (family raffle at Larson with parents having learned code of conduct)

  1. Running Effective Meetings – possibly John Noonan? Dealing with difficult situations.

Next meeting is January 20, 2011

Door prizes: Caroline Ramsey – Canyon Heights; Maria Lavis – Carson/Balmoral; Alex Best - Upper Lynn

Monday, January 17, 2011

Great Shot! Photo Contest - NV School District

"Great Shot!" Photo contest for North Van School District begins Monday Jan 17th. Open to all students, parents, teachers and staff. A great chance to share some of the wonderful experiences in our classes, on field trips, in our District. You'll have a chance to win prizes so check out all the details on the school district web site at

Students Invited to Tour CBC

CBC Vancouver invites your students to tour our state-of-the-art integrated newsroom. This is your chance to see the studio where Tony Parsons, Gloria Macarenko, Shane Foxman and Claire Martin broadcast CBC News Vancouver at 5, 5:30, 6 every weeknight. You can also tour the studio where CBC Radio One’s The Early Edition, BC Almanac, and On the Coast air every week.
Newsroom tours are guided and available every Thursdays and Fridays at 10am and 11:30am. The duration of the tour is approximately one hour.
If you would like to reserve a tour of our newsroom, please make your reservations at
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lien Yeung at .
We hope you take this opportunity to learn and experience the vibrancy of your public broadcaster!

CBC Vancouver – Communications

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Funds Available to North Van PACs

Reminder of the grants that NVPAC has for school PACs:
- the $200 Family of Schools Grant, to be used jointly by a Family of Schools to facilitate a joint function in which all schools in the Family participate. 5 grants available.
- the $150 Speaker Grant to enable PACs to bring in a speaker for parent education. 10 available, on a first-come, first-served basis.
- the $50 FoodSafe Grant to help PACs ensure that the individuals responsible for distribution of food have the required FoodSafe certification. 20 grants available, maximum 2 grants per school per year, on first-come, first-served basis.
If you need have questions or would like to apply, PAC Chair or DPAC rep should apply for the grants by email to