Friday, June 26, 2015

2014/15 Year At A Glance

The following is a list of some of the work undertaken by NVPAC on behalf of North Van parents during the 2014/15 school year:  

October 2014         Presented NVPAC Annual Report to Board of Education October 21      
                               NVPAC General Meeting October 22 2014
                               - Approval of 2013/14 Financial Statements and 2014/15 Budget
                               - Presenters:  Joanne Robertson and Kathleen Barter:
                                 Communicating Student Learning K - 12
                               Blog post: School Trustee Candidate Q & A responses
                               NVPAC General Meeting November 26 2014
                               - Presenters:  Carmen Farrell and Wendy Holtan, Friendship Groups;
                                 Cathy Jenkins, Conor McMullan, Cheakamus Centre;
                               - BCCPAC Fall Conference Nanaimo – Classroom Resources Funding

January 2015          NVPAC General Meeting January 28 2015
                                - Focus on safe and active travel to school - Presenters:  Harvey
                                  Kooner; ICBC, Tom Walker, North Shore Safety Council; Carol Sartor,
                                  Montroyal PAC
                                - Results of NVPAC 2014 Survey presented

February 2015        NVPAC General Meeting February 25 2015
                                -  Adopted changes to Policy # 103
                                -  Presenters:  Trustee Franci Stratton, Board Liaison to NVPAC;
                                   Tristan Crowther, Ilona Wardas, Janet Mclean, Windsor FOS, Topic:
                                   “Self-Regulation”; Kirsten Koppang Telford – ePact - Online
                                   Emergency Network

March 2015            Remarks on behalf of North Van parents to 25 Year Employee Reception
                               Presented NVPAC Budget Priorities to Standing Committee meeting
                               Hosted March Parent Education Event:   Christopher Burt - The Problem with Discipline

April 2015              Presented results of NVPAC 2014 Survey to Presidents Council            
                              Blog post: 2014 Parent Priority Survey Results
                              Assisted VCH to present Foods that Fit Workshop
                              Joint Advocacy Letter to Ministers of Finance and Education
                              - Advocating for adequate funding for public education in the 2015/16
                                provincial budget
                              NVPAC General Meeting April 22 2015
                              - Discussion of Parent-School Communication Processes

 May 2015             Attended the BCCPAC Spring Conference and Annual General Meeting;
                              additional Conference reports can be found here and here.
                              NVPAC Annual General Meeting

 June 2015            Joint Advocacy Letter to Minister of Education
                              -  Submission of 2015/16 Needs and Opportunity Budget
                              Conducted Annual Parent Perspective survey June 3 - 19

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