Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NVPAC General Meeting Minutes - May 27, 2015

NVPAC General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
7:00 pm Mountainview Room, ESC, 2121 Lonsdale Avenue

Chair:  Jane Lagden Holborne (Sutherland)
NVPAC Attendance: Jane Lagden Holborne, Karen Nordquist, Debra Dennehy, David Whitehead, Heather Skuse, Susanne Till, Amanda Nichol, Homa Sorooshi
Attendance: 17
Guests:  Cyndi Gerlach
Schools Represented:  Argyle, Braemar, Brooksbank, Canyon Heights, Carisbrooke, Carson Graham, Handsworth, Lynn Valley, Montroyal, Norgate, Seycove, Seymour Heights, Sutherland, Westview

8:07 General Meeting called to order

8:08 approval of Minutes: Motion to approve April 2015 General Meeting minutes: Lucy Cayuela – Carisbrooke, Seconded by Karen Nordquist. All in favour:  unanimous. Motion is carried and minutes approved.

8:09 BCCPAC reports

Jana Madill, Jane Lagden Holborne, Debra Dennehy and Karen Nordquist reported on their experiences and finding as attendees at the BCCPAC AGM. Written reports will be posted to the blog

Jana – PACs should send your own reps or empower the people that are attending because you learn a lot at the meetings to help you understand how to vote. Attending is important to ensure our voice is heard.

8:47 Report on NVPAC Survey: David Whitehead - Survey has been delayed due to changes at our service provider and a surprise need to rebuild the survey. Efforts are still being made to conduct the survey in June

8:51 Motion to Adjourn

Next Meeting:     October, 2015
7:00 pm
Education Services Centre,
2121 Lonsdale Avenue

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