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NVPAC Annual General Meeting Minutes & Election Results, May 27, 2015

NVPAC Annual General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
7:00 pm Mountainview Room, ESC, 2121 Lonsdale Avenue

Chair:  Jane Lagden Holborne (Sutherland)
NVPAC Attendance: Jane Lagden Holborne, Karen Nordquist, Debra Dennehy, David Whitehead, Heather Skuse, Susanne Till, Amanda Nichol, Homa Sorooshi
Attendance: 17
Guests:  Cyndi Gerlach
Schools Represented:  Argyle, Braemar, Brooksbank, Canyon Heights, Carisbrooke, Carson Graham, Handsworth, Lynn Valley, Montroyal, Norgate, Seycove, Seymour Heights, Sutherland, Westview

7:09 Meeting Called to order

7:09 Quorum: 14 schools represented. Minimum for Quorum is 6

7:10 Approval of Minutes from 2013/14 AGM:  Motion to Approve: Amanda Nichol, 2nd Jana Madill; all in favour: unanimous. Motion is carried

7:13 Treasurer's report: Homa Sorooshi

The treasurer presented a provisional budget for 2015/16 budget

·       Anticipating $2500 Net income in 2014/15
·       29 schools registered with BCCPAC (4 schools didn't claim their NVPAC Grant)
·       Planned increase to family of schools grant from $200 to $500 per FOS
·       FoodSafe increase to $80 ten available.
·       Parent Education Speaker Grant: increase to $300 and increase number to 12

Q.   Can grants be given to Literacy Centers?
A.   NVPAC Grants are intended to support PACs, but PACs may support Literacy Centers with their own funds as if they are classrooms.

Motion to approve interim budget - Heather Skuse
2nd by Hardish Garson - Montroyal
All in favour - unanimous – Motion is carried and interim budget approved

7:34 Executive Reports

·       Jane summarized the chair's report, which will be posted to the blog.
·       Deborah: Sitting on the policy review committee
·       Karen: inclusion and calendar committees, final year for calendar committee has introduced a 2 year calendar.
·       Dave: ICT committee - dealing with issues of privacy vs. communications
·       Heather: inclusion committee dealing with high school inclusion issues this year
·       Amanda: board and finance meetings along with ICT committee
·       Suzanne: Outdoor School committee - no meetings this year but planning to have more, smaller sub groups to work on Outdoor School issues next year.

7:40 President’s Council:  Jane reported that BC School Trustees asking for exemption from anti-spam legislation and to have PACs included in the exemption as all fundraising communication currently is subject to anti-spam laws.

7:49 Executive Elections:- 1 vote per PAC + NVPAC Exec.

Chair: Heather Skuse nominated - Amanda Nichol, seconded by Debra Dennehy. No further candidates Amanda Nichol is acclaimed as NVPAC Chair for 2015/16.

Vice-Chair: Amanda Nichol nominated Heather Skuse, Seconded by Suzanne Till. No further candidates. Heather Skuse acclaimed NVPAC Vice-chair for 2015/16.

Treasurer: Karen Nordquist nominated Homa Sorooshi, Seconded by Heather Skuse. No further candidates. Homa Sorooshi acclaimed NVPAC Treasurer for 2015/16.

Secretary: No nominees – position remains vacant

Registrar: Debra Dennehy nominated (but would be 3rd year) by Amanda Nichol, Seconded by Karen Nordquist. No further candidates. Deb Dennehy is acclaimed NVPAC Registrar for 2015/15.

BCCPAC Liaison: Debra Dennehy nominated (but would be 3rd year) by Karen Nordquist, Seconded by Susanne Till. No further candidates. Deb Dennehy is acclaimed NVPAC BCCPAC Liaison for 2015/15.

Communications: Carol Sartor is nominated by herself, Seconded by Amanda Nichol. No further candidates. Carol Sartor is acclaimed to NVPAC Communication position for 2015/16.

Program Facilitator: Karen Nordquist is nominated by Homa Sorooshi, Seconded by Suzanne Till. No further candidates. Karen Nordquist is acclaimed NVPAC Program Facilitator for 2015/16

Members at Large: David Whitehead, Suzanne Till, Tanya Lahulek, Kulvir Mann nominated themselves. No further candidates. All are acclaimed as NVPAC Members-at-large for 2015/16

Amanda Nichol moves that NVPAC waive the 2 year term limit and permit Debra Dennehy to continue in the positions of Registrar and BCCPAC Liaison for a further 1 year term; seconded by Tanya Lahulek. All in favour: unanimous. Motion is carried.

8:06 Meeting Adjourned

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